Our mission
is to make your life easier

We are experts in process automation, enabling your business to leverage its data for rapid growth.

Working at Rapid

It all started with a fascination with technology.

Rapid Platform was established in 2011 by founder and CEO Mitchell Hunt, and is driven by his passion for empowering people and organisations to achieve their full potential.

The idea for Rapid Platform came off the back of Mitch’s time in the property development industry, where he found much of his day was filled with repetitive and monotonous tasks. He found himself looking for tools and platforms to help solve this problem – but everything he found had limitations or wasn’t quite right for his application.

Rapid Platform has been built with flexibility and scalability at its core. It’s designed to be applicable to any business, in any industry, of any size, and to grow and adapt alongside that business – because the technology should be made to fit the business, not the other way around.

Automation has the potential to help businesses grow quickly without increasing headcount; to optimise workflows, create efficiencies, and streamline processes. That is the foundation that Rapid Platform has been built upon: business acceleration through automation.


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Maximizing the value of automation and technology projects requires expert training and support. With the right guidance, businesses can accelerate outcomes and achieve their goals.