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Welcome to our Assets Module, your comprehensive solution for managing a diverse range of assets efficiently. From IT assets to vehicles and general assets, our module is designed to streamline management processes, enhance visibility, and optimise the overall value and longevity of your assets.

Assets Overview

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Key Features

Vehicle Management

Service and Registration Reminders
Stay on top of vehicle maintenance. Our module sends automated reminders for service and registration, ensuring your vehicles are always in top condition.

Digital Service and Registration Logs
Access information with ease. Maintain digital logs of service and registration activities, providing a comprehensive history for each vehicle.

Assets Management Vehicles List | Fleet management list
IT Assets Item Page
IT Assets Item Page

IT Assets Management

Efficiently oversee your IT assets. Our module provides robust management tools to track, monitor, and optimize your IT assets throughout their lifecycle.

General Assets List
General Assets List

General Assets Management

Centralise control over your assets. Manage a diverse range of assets beyond IT and vehicles, ensuring a cohesive approach to asset management.

Creating Custom Asset Type
Creating a Custom Assets List

Custom Asset Types

Tailor asset management to your needs. Our module supports custom asset types, allowing you to categorise and manage assets in alignment with your unique requirements.

Assets Generated PDF List
Assets PDF List

PDF Asset Lists

Generate organised asset documentation. Create PDF asset lists for comprehensive overviews or sharing with stakeholders.

Interactive Asset Dashboards

Assets Register Dashboard

Condition, Value, and Age Summaries and Monitoring
Gain insights at a glance. Our interactive dashboard provides summaries and monitoring of asset conditions, values, and ages for informed decision-making.

Next Service and Registration Dates
Stay proactive with vehicle maintenance. Our vehicle dashboard highlights upcoming service and registration dates, ensuring timely maintenance.

Upcoming Services and Renewals
Plan ahead effectively. Track upcoming services and renewals through the dashboard, optimising your vehicle management strategy.

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Why Choose Our Assets Module?

  • Comprehensive Asset Management: From IT assets to vehicles and general assets, our module covers a wide spectrum of asset types for centralized control.
  • Automated Reminders: Stay proactive with automated reminders for vehicle service and registration, ensuring optimal asset performance.
  • Customizable Asset Management: Tailor asset management with custom asset types, allowing flexibility to adapt to your organization’s unique needs.
  • Insightful Dashboards: Access real-time summaries and monitoring of asset conditions, values, and ages through interactive dashboards.

Ready to maximise the value and longevity of your assets/fleet? Embrace the power of our Assets Module and streamline your asset / fleet management processes.

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Why doesn’t Rapid Platform use a ‘Per User’ licensing model?

We have purposefully avoided a per user licensing model because we believe that it stifles innovation and is detrimental to governance.

Instead, our pricing model allows you to grow and adapt Rapid Platform to your requirements, based on the tools and resources you need to access - and regardless of how many people you have accessing those resources.

Do licensing costs increase?

Only if you choose to increase them. Our SaaS model operates on a unique pricing structure that differs from traditional per-user licensing. Instead of charging based on the number of users, we offer a scalable solution where costs are determined by the associated database. This means that as your organization grows and requires more database compute, you can easily upgrade your database without incurring additional user licensing costs.

Our approach allows for greater flexibility and cost efficiency, ensuring that your expenses align with your actual usage needs rather than the number of users on the platform. This scalability feature makes our pricing model more transparent, predictable, and often results in a significantly lower overall cost compared to conventional per-user licensing models.

Does Rapid Platform integrate with Microsoft 365?

Rapid Platform embraces Microsoft 365 and incorporates deep integration into Entra ID for enterprise level security as well as SharePoint for document management and collaboration. 

Does Rapid Platform integrate with G Suite?

No, not at this stage.  Security is top of mind for our enterprise customers and Micorosft 365 leads the market with their security.  We have partners who can help you migrate across from G Suite.