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Craft, Customise, Create with Precision

Welcome to the pinnacle of advanced database creation – Designer. Tailored for the power user, Designer is your go-to platform for creating tables, shaping screens, defining item pages, and molding columns with unmatched precision and flexibility.

Why use Designer?

Craft Tailored Tables: Design tables that match your unique needs. Whether it’s organising complex data structures or creating a sleek, minimalist layout, Designer empowers you to craft tables that suit your vision.

Customise Screens with Ease: Bring your data to life by customising screens effortlessly. From color schemes to layout intricacies, Designer puts the creative control in your hands, ensuring your interface reflects your brand and workflow.

Refine Item Pages: Elevate user experience by tailoring item pages to perfection. Edit, organise, and present information in a way that makes sense for your audience, all within the intuitive interface of Designer.

Create and Modify Columns: Define your data with precision. Whether you’re creating new columns or modifying existing ones, Designer offers the tools you need to shape your data architecture with finesse.

Advanced Editing Tools: Dive deep into the details with advanced editing tools designed for the seasoned user. From complex data relationships to nuanced design elements, Designer ensures you have the tools necessary for intricate customisation.


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How Designer Works

    1. Table Crafting: Design tables from the ground up, tailoring them to your exact specifications.

    2. Column Creation and Modification: Define and modify columns with precision, shaping your data architecture to meet your requirements.

    3. Item Page Refinement: Edit and refine item pages to create a seamless and engaging user experience.

    4. Screen Customisation: Personalise screens effortlessly, ensuring your data is presented in a way that resonates with your audience.

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    Why Settle for Ordinary? Elevate Your Data Design with Designer.

    Sign up now to experience the unparalleled freedom of data creation and customisation. Transform your data world with Designer and unlock a new realm of possibilities.

    Design. Create. Refine. Empower.

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    Why doesn’t Rapid Platform use a ‘Per User’ licensing model?

    We have purposefully avoided a per user licensing model because we believe that it stifles innovation and is detrimental to governance.

    Instead, our pricing model allows you to grow and adapt Rapid Platform to your requirements, based on the tools and resources you need to access - and regardless of how many people you have accessing those resources.

    Do licensing costs increase?

    Only if you choose to increase them. Our SaaS model operates on a unique pricing structure that differs from traditional per-user licensing. Instead of charging based on the number of users, we offer a scalable solution where costs are determined by the associated database. This means that as your organization grows and requires more database compute, you can easily upgrade your database without incurring additional user licensing costs.

    Our approach allows for greater flexibility and cost efficiency, ensuring that your expenses align with your actual usage needs rather than the number of users on the platform. This scalability feature makes our pricing model more transparent, predictable, and often results in a significantly lower overall cost compared to conventional per-user licensing models.

    Does Rapid Platform integrate with Microsoft365?

    Rapid Platform embraces Microsoft365 and incorporates deep integration with all of the tools and apps including Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Outlook and more.

    What is included in the Developer Tier?

    The Developer Tier, priced at $220 per month or $198 per month with an annual subscription, provides access to Rapid Tools (Explorer, Designer, Workflow, Adaptive Designer) and Rapid Modules (Task Management). See more on the Developer Page.

    What is included in the Standard Tier?

    The Standard Tier, priced at $330 per month or $297 per month with an annual subscription, includes Rapid Tools (Explorer, Designer, Workflow, Adaptive Designer) and additional Rapid Modules such as Tasks, CRM, Projects, Human Resources, Finance, Assets, Workplace, Health and Safety, Policies. See more on the Rapid Standard page.

    What is included in the Enterprise Tier?
    The Enterprise Tier at Rapid is tailored for organizations with specific and intricate requirements, offering a fully customizable solution to meet unique business needs. Unlike the predefined Developer and Standard Tiers, the Enterprise Tier comes with complete flexibility in both pricing and features. See the Enterprise page to find out more.