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Expert Support

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Bank of Hours

Pre-purchase your consulting hours with bulk discounts to gain flexibility in support, development, and training. Our Hourly Banking is designed for seamless management, making it the ideal choice to empower your team.


Unlock access to a dedicated consultant with Managed Hours, providing you with 16 hours per month for system development, data migration, planning, training, and support. Say goodbye to figuring it out alone.

Project Work

For those valuing peace of mind, choose Scoped Project Work for a fixed-price quote on projects like custom system extensions, additional functionality development, and data migrations. This option is for customers who appreciate the assurance.


No matter how much your business scales, we have you covered


Empower Your Team: From Basics to Enterprise, We Train for Success.

User Workshops

Unlock the full potential of Rapid Standard’s 8 Modules with our User Workshop, where two of your team members can attend a monthly 2.5-hour session. With the opportunity to network with peers from other organisations.

Builder Workshops

Empower your organisation by sending two team members to our monthly 2.5-hour Builder Workshop, led by a skilled Rapid consultant. With a focus on upskilling your internal team to be able to build and maintain your system in-house.

Enterprise Workshops

Tailor your learning experience with our Enterprise Workshop led by a Rapid consultant. Ideal for enterprise clients, this workshop offers on-site training with customisable content based on your needs. Empower your staff.


Tech Excellence, Your Way: Customise and Enhance Your Software Experience.

Advanced Reporting

Gain control and customisation with Client SQL Access to a Replication Database. Empower your team to query and create custom PowerBi reports, tailored for customers seeking advanced reporting and database accessibility.

White Labelling

Go beyond theming with White Labelling, offering complete branding control across Rapid experiences. Perfect for product creation and resale, this option includes custom domains and application entries.

Custom Theming

Customise your Rapid experience with the Theming Package. Tailored for medium to large businesses, this package allows you to align the colors, logos, and UI elements across Rapid, reflecting your brand identity seamlessly.


Maximise uptime and minimise downtime risks with Geo Replication. Store multiple copies of your database globally, providing contingency and ensuring continuous access to your system, even in the face of regional server issues.

Database Upgrade

Experience optimal performance with our Database Upgrade option, catering to larger clients pushing the boundaries of their Rapid system. Say goodbye to system slowdowns and storage limits.

Extra Storage

Need more space without a full database upgrade? Choose Extra Storage to expand your production, replicated, or geo-replicated databases, ensuring your system has the capacity it needs to support your growing business.

Rapid Data Explorer





Microsoft SQL Azure Database

Starting at 2GB

Starting at 10GB

Starting at 20GB

Starting at 50GB
Microsoft 365 Single Sign-on
Document Storage in Sharepoint

No-Code Database Designer
No-Code Form Designer
Anonymous Data Capture Forms
External System Integrations
System Wide Auditing and History
Sandbox Environment + Optional Add-on + Optional Add-on
Complete Data Access + Optional Add-on + Optional Add-on
Geo Replication + Optional Add-on + Optional Add-on

Get Started

Get Started Get Started Get Started

Rapid Workflow





No Code Process Documentation

Value Evaluation
Data Integration

Email Automation
Document Generation
Client Data Capture

Get Started

Get Started Get Started Get Started

Rapid Reporting





All Power BI Features

Starting at 2GB

Starting at 10GB

Starting at 20GB

Starting at 50GB
In Context Reports (Filtered)
No extra user licensing

Direct DB Access for Live Reports
Private Azure SQL Server + Optional Add-on + Optional Add-on + Optional Add-on
Report Storage  100MB 100MB 100MB Custom as Needed
Report Usage 300 Reports / Hr 300 Reports / Hr 300 Reports / Hr Custom as Needed

Get Started

Get Started Get Started Get Started

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Why doesn’t Rapid Platform use a ‘Per User’ licensing model?

We have purposefully avoided a per user licensing model because we believe that it stifles innovation and is detrimental to governance.

Instead, our pricing model allows you to grow and adapt Rapid Platform to your requirements, based on the tools and resources you need to access - and regardless of how many people you have accessing those resources.

Do licensing costs increase?

Only if you choose to increase them. Our SaaS model operates on a unique pricing structure that differs from traditional per-user licensing. Instead of charging based on the number of users, we offer a scalable solution where costs are determined by the associated database. This means that as your organization grows and requires more database compute, you can easily upgrade your database without incurring additional user licensing costs.

Our approach allows for greater flexibility and cost efficiency, ensuring that your expenses align with your actual usage needs rather than the number of users on the platform. This scalability feature makes our pricing model more transparent, predictable, and often results in a significantly lower overall cost compared to conventional per-user licensing models.

Does Rapid Platform integrate with Microsoft365?

Rapid Platform embraces Microsoft365 and incorporates deep integration with all of the tools and apps including Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Outlook and more.

What is included in the Developer Tier?

The Developer Tier, priced at $220 per month or $198 per month with an annual subscription, provides access to Rapid Tools (Explorer, Designer, Workflow, Adaptive Designer) and Rapid Modules (Task Management). See more on the Developer Page.

What is included in the Standard Tier?

The Standard Tier, priced at $330 per month or $297 per month with an annual subscription, includes Rapid Tools (Explorer, Designer, Workflow, Adaptive Designer) and additional Rapid Modules such as Tasks, CRM, Projects, Human Resources, Finance, Assets, Workplace, Health and Safety, Policies. See more on the Rapid Standard page.

What is included in the Enterprise Tier?
The Enterprise Tier at Rapid is tailored for organizations with specific and intricate requirements, offering a fully customizable solution to meet unique business needs. Unlike the predefined Developer and Standard Tiers, the Enterprise Tier comes with complete flexibility in both pricing and features. See the Enterprise page to find out more.