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Included in the Standard Tier

Welcome to our Projects Module, where projects come to life with precision and ease. Designed to empower your team and ensure successful project delivery, our module covers every aspect of project management from scoping to financials and beyond.

Projects Overview

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Key Features


Objectives: Define clear project objectives that guide your team towards success.

Deliverables: Break down your project into manageable components. Track deliverables to ensure each project milestone is met with excellence.

Risks: Anticipate and mitigate potential roadblocks. Manage project risks proactively to minimise disruptions.

Exclusions: Clarify project boundaries. Document exclusions to set clear expectations and avoid misunderstandings.

Projects Scoping. Objectives, Deliverables, Risks, Exclusions, Budgets
Contruction Gantt Chart Example - Project Management Module Software
Project Gantt Chart

Project Gantt Chart

Visualise your project timeline. Our Projects Module allows you to create and manage Gantt charts, offering a visual roadmap for your project’s stages and dependencies.

Project Kanban Board. Manage projects with Kanban Boards.
Project Kanban Board

Project Kanban Board

Adapt to dynamic project requirements. Configure Kanban boards for real-time task tracking, fostering collaboration and ensuring your team stays agile throughout the project lifecycle.

Project Financials Dashboard: Budgets, Actuals, Estimated Hours
Project Financials Dashboard


The Projects module incorperates tracking of budgets, quotes and, invoices allowing you to determine the overall project bottem line.

Projects Wrap-up process
Wrap-Up Process

Wrap-up Process

Seal your project with success. Our wrap-up process ensures that all loose ends are tied, and the project is completed to the satisfaction of both your team and clients.

Interactive Projects Dashboard

Project Management Projects Overview Dashboard

Access comprehensive insights through our interactive dashboard, offering a complete overview of your project portfolio. Track and analyse estimated hours versus actuals, ensuring precise project planning for the future. Keep your projects on financial track by monitoring actual expenses against budgeted amounts, allowing proactive adjustments. Easily identify and analyse projects associated with each client, enabling a tailored approach to individual client needs.

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Why Choose Our Projects Module?

  • Comprehensive Scoping: Define, manage, and communicate project details effectively, ensuring a clear roadmap for success.
  • Visual Project Planning: Utilize Gantt charts and Kanban boards for dynamic project planning and efficient task management.
  • Financial Precision: Manage budgets, quotes, and invoices seamlessly, ensuring financial success throughout your projects.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Leverage insightful dashboards to make informed decisions and optimize your project portfolio.

Ready to take control of your finances? Embrace the power of our Finance Module and unlock the potential for financial success.

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Don't just take our word for it...


Why doesn’t Rapid Platform use a ‘Per User’ licensing model?

We have purposefully avoided a per user licensing model because we believe that it stifles innovation and is detrimental to governance.

Instead, our pricing model allows you to grow and adapt Rapid Platform to your requirements, based on the tools and resources you need to access - and regardless of how many people you have accessing those resources.

Do licensing costs increase?

Only if you choose to increase them. Our SaaS model operates on a unique pricing structure that differs from traditional per-user licensing. Instead of charging based on the number of users, we offer a scalable solution where costs are determined by the associated database. This means that as your organization grows and requires more database compute, you can easily upgrade your database without incurring additional user licensing costs.

Our approach allows for greater flexibility and cost efficiency, ensuring that your expenses align with your actual usage needs rather than the number of users on the platform. This scalability feature makes our pricing model more transparent, predictable, and often results in a significantly lower overall cost compared to conventional per-user licensing models.

Does Rapid Platform integrate with Microsoft365?

Rapid Platform embraces Microsoft365 and incorporates deep integration with all of the tools and apps including Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Outlook and more.

What is included in the Developer Tier?

The Developer Tier, priced at $220 per month or $198 per month with an annual subscription, provides access to Rapid Tools (Explorer, Designer, Workflow, Adaptive Designer) and Rapid Modules (Task Management). See more on the Developer Page.

What is included in the Standard Tier?

The Standard Tier, priced at $330 per month or $297 per month with an annual subscription, includes Rapid Tools (Explorer, Designer, Workflow, Adaptive Designer) and additional Rapid Modules such as Tasks, CRM, Projects, Human Resources, Finance, Assets, Workplace, Health and Safety, Policies. See more on the Rapid Standard page.

What is included in the Enterprise Tier?
The Enterprise Tier at Rapid is tailored for organizations with specific and intricate requirements, offering a fully customizable solution to meet unique business needs. Unlike the predefined Developer and Standard Tiers, the Enterprise Tier comes with complete flexibility in both pricing and features. See the Enterprise page to find out more.