Empower Your Team with Rapid Platform Workshops

Train your team to use or build with Rapid Platform

Unlock the Full Potential of Rapid with Workshops

Empower your team with Rapid’s Training Add-Ons, designed to elevate your skills and reduce reliance on consultants. Whether you aim to customise and upgrade your Rapid system or bring responsibilities in-house, our training offerings are tailored to meet your needs. See our options below: User Workshops, Builder Workshops, and Enterprise Workshops.


User Workshops


Ideal for companies rolling out the Rapid Platform, our User Workshops facilitate a smooth change management process. Equip your team with the knowledge needed to harness the power of the platform effectively.


Our User Workshop is designed to guide your team through the essential modules of the Rapid Platform. These workshops cover the following key areas:

  • Tasks: Streamline task management for enhanced productivity.
  • Assets: Efficiently manage and organize digital and physical assets.
  • CRM: Maximize customer relationships with effective CRM utilization.
  • Finance: Optimize financial processes for better control and visibility.
  • Projects: Improve project management workflows for successful outcomes.
  • Human Resources: Streamline HR processes for workforce efficiency.
  • WHS (Workplace Health and Safety): Ensure a safe working environment for your team.
  • Policies: Implement and manage organizational policies seamlessly.

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Builder Workshops


Elevate your organisation’s capabilities by upskilling your team in advanced functionalities. Reduce reliance on consultants and take control of development costs.


Our Builder Workshops focus on advanced features, empowering your team to internalise the development process. These workshops cover:

  • Workflows: Create, automate, and optimize workflows to enhance efficiency.
  • Designer: Master the design tools for customized and visually appealing solutions.
  • Adaptive Forms: Learn to create dynamic forms that adapt to user inputs.

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    Enterprise Workshops


    Accelerate the integration of Rapid Platform into your organisation’s workflows with personalized training. Our experts will guide your team to maximize the benefits of your unique system implementation.


    Tailored to your organisation’s unique needs, our Enterprise Workshops provide custom training sessions. These workshops are designed to quickly upskill your users on the specifics of your custom implementation.

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        Don't just take our word for it...


        Why doesn’t Rapid Platform use a ‘Per User’ licensing model?

        We have purposefully avoided a per user licensing model because we believe that it stifles innovation and is detrimental to governance.

        Instead, our pricing model allows you to grow and adapt Rapid Platform to your requirements, based on the tools and resources you need to access - and regardless of how many people you have accessing those resources.

        Do licensing costs increase?

        Only if you choose to increase them. Our SaaS model operates on a unique pricing structure that differs from traditional per-user licensing. Instead of charging based on the number of users, we offer a scalable solution where costs are determined by the associated database. This means that as your organization grows and requires more database compute, you can easily upgrade your database without incurring additional user licensing costs.

        Our approach allows for greater flexibility and cost efficiency, ensuring that your expenses align with your actual usage needs rather than the number of users on the platform. This scalability feature makes our pricing model more transparent, predictable, and often results in a significantly lower overall cost compared to conventional per-user licensing models.

        Does Rapid Platform integrate with Microsoft365?

        Rapid Platform embraces Microsoft365 and incorporates deep integration with all of the tools and apps including Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Outlook and more.

        What is included in the Developer Tier?

        The Developer Tier, priced at $220 per month or $198 per month with an annual subscription, provides access to Rapid Tools (Explorer, Designer, Workflow, Adaptive Designer) and Rapid Modules (Task Management). See more on the Developer Page.

        What is included in the Standard Tier?

        The Standard Tier, priced at $330 per month or $297 per month with an annual subscription, includes Rapid Tools (Explorer, Designer, Workflow, Adaptive Designer) and additional Rapid Modules such as Tasks, CRM, Projects, Human Resources, Finance, Assets, Workplace, Health and Safety, Policies. See more on the Rapid Standard page.

        What is included in the Enterprise Tier?
        The Enterprise Tier at Rapid is tailored for organizations with specific and intricate requirements, offering a fully customizable solution to meet unique business needs. Unlike the predefined Developer and Standard Tiers, the Enterprise Tier comes with complete flexibility in both pricing and features. See the Enterprise page to find out more.