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Please note: The Power BI dashboards as shown below are only included in the Professional and Enterprise Plans.

Centralised Reporting

Centralised financial reporting provides you with a unified view of your data, enhancing decision-making and optimising your resource allocation.

Cashflow Visibility

Complete cashflow visibility and forecasting enables you to make informed financial decisions while planning for sustainable business growth.

Xero Integration
(Coming Soon)

Simplify your financial management and create a cohesive operational landscape by integrating Xero on the same platform as your CRM, project management, and other systems.

Track & Record

Seamlessly generate, track, record, and reconcile quotes, invoices, and payments throughout all areas of your business operations.

Record Assets

Keep detailed records for all of your assets, throughout every area of your business – from vehicles and tools, through to IT assets and equipment.

Schedule Reminders

Automated prompts and reminders ensure that you stay on top of all servicing, registration, and maintenance requirements for all vehicles and equipment.

Lifespan Data

View all historical servicing, registration and maintenance logs or data for the lifespan of each asset – all managed in one central location.

Aggregated Reporting

Aggregated reporting that provides you with instant insight into the value, age, and depreciation of all of your assets – both individually and collectively.

Log Incidents

Keep a clear log and record every WHS incident, in a system that is easy to manage and navigate. Incidents that require further action seamlessly feed into automated processes.

Reporting & Insights

Clear reporting and insight dashboards allow you to view historical incident trends within your company and highlight areas that require attention.

Pipeline Reporting

Clear pipeline reporting depicts historical trends and gives you insight into bottlenecks and delays, allowing you to allocate resources strategically.

Funnel Visibility

Customised dashboards and automations provide you with a clear and comprehensive view of your sales funnel at any given time.

Record Leads

Record, assign, and manage all business or sales leads and follow-ups, ensuring no opportunity or prospective client goes unanswered.

Lead Conversion

Automated processes and workflows allow your sales team to quickly convert leads to customers within your database.

Scope Projects

Scope projects accurately, ensuring that all aspects and costs are considered, and then automatically produce required project scope documents.

Manage Project Budgets

Set and manage project budgets. Automate alerts when budgets are nearing exhaustion, and set prompts to correctly manage out-of-scope work and project additions.

Manage Workflows

Manage project workflows, resources, and schedules in one easy location, with multiple views including Gantt, task boards, and task list options.

Project Reporting

View detailed project reporting – both current and historical – to help you manage the progress of current projects, as well as accurately quote and schedule future projects.

Probation Reviews

Automate the probation review process to align with your internal policies. Schedule reviews, log reports and information, and record all outcomes.

Centralised Reporting

Centralised reporting provides your business with valuable insights into your company’s HR health and performance.

Performance Reviews

Establish automated workflows to manage your performance review processes, reporting, and outcomes. Ensure compliance with your internal policies.

Automated Policy Distribution

Disseminate updated policies to team members and track their acknowledgments with our automated distribution system

Versioned Policy History

Maintain a clear and accessible history of all policy versions, ensuring transparency and easy reference over time.

Policy Acknowledgement Tracking

Keep a detailed record of who has acknowledged each policy, providing accountability and compliance oversight in real-time.

Public QR Accessible Form

Submit support requests by scanning a public QR code that directs to a user-friendly ticket form.

Monitor All Tickets Through the Support Dashboard

Gain a complete overview of your organization’s support landscape with a comprehensive dashboard that tracks all tickets.

Automatic Updates and Summary Emails

Requestors are kept updated with the progress of their requests through automatic updates and detailed summary emails.

Built-In Ticket Triaging Process

A built-in ticket triaging workflow, automatically allocating tasks to the support team to triage to the appropriate department. Ensure no tickets fall through the cracks.

Notes, Files, and Images saved against the Ticket

Keep a comprehensive record of all support interactions and resolutions by attaching notes, files, and images directly to each ticket.

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Everything You Need to Grow
Forms & Apps

Use forms to effortlessly automate your workflows, capture leads, and collect accurate data. Simplify procedures, acquire prospects, and gain valuable insights with ease.


Optimise your business functions and operations by replacing manual tasks with smart automation. Enable your teams to focus on essential business processes.

Reporting Dashboards

Rapid reporting uses native or Power BI capabilities to offer immediate, pertinent insights. This facilitates data-driven decisions throughout your entire business. Power BI only available on the Professional and Enterprise Plans.


Deep integration with your existing tools and apps – including Microsoft 365 and Xero (coming soon) – provides endless opportunities. All your data is consolidated on a single, versatile platform.


Our flexible and scalable database provides tailor-made solutions that effortlessly adapt to your business’s changing requirements as you grow and explore new opportunities. 

Infinite Scalability

Rapid Platform can scale infinitely to match the growing needs of your business. Our pricing model is not based on per-user licensing, so there aren’t any barriers to your growth. 

Increased Productivity

Automation allows you to increase your productivity without employing additional team members. Remove manual processes, and create efficiencies for your team.

Grows With You

We have purposefully designed Rapid Platform so that you will never outgrow it. Our platform will facilitate the growth and evolution of your business. 

Integrated with the Best of Microsoft

Need More?
Or Something a Little Different?

Rapid Platform is built to be customised, founded on the principle that your systems should adapt to your business, not your business to your systems


Our product provides streamlined and customisable data capture forms for both internal and external users, along with tailored integrations and a personalised database solution to meet your specific needs.

Process Automation

Map, automate, and execute the processes that make your business tick. Using industry standard BPMN notation, the Rapid Platform allows you to automate any process within your business. Send tasks and emails, generate documents, push and pull data to external systems, and much more…


With complete access to your data and embedded Power BI , Rapid Platform can help you gain visibility across your entire business with automated reporting that identifies hidden trends and insights. 

Three Pillars Kanban board to show data
Three Pillars Workflow
Three Pillars Reporting Dashboard


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Before You Start: A Microsoft 365 Business account is required to sign up and use Rapid Platform.  

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Rapid Features
Workflow Engine
Adaptive Designer
Document Generation
Unlimited Users
Data Importer (Beta)

Business Modules
Customer Relations Manager (CRM)
Project Management
Human Resources (HR)
Asset Management
Invoicing / Quoting
Workplace Health & Safety (WHS)
Policy Management

Training and Support
Online Training Webinars
Weekly Group Support Session

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